Matt Edwards (Radio Slave) and Patrick Mason teamed up as SRVD following a chance meeting in Panorama Bar. After a series of improvised live sets and studio sessions the pair have gone on to tour the globe with stand out performances at high profile events and a live stream at Boiler Room x Pornceptual, not to mention dropping huge releases on Rekids that have garnered support from the upper echelons of house and techno. They bring together house, techno and disco in a unique way, incorporating vocals, dance, outfit changes and whatever else feels right in the moment.

They make quite a team - Edwards has the production prowess from a long career crafting some of club music’s most essential releases, Mason has the modern ideas, inspiration and fresh energy. Their symbiosis was crystallized by the single, ‘Black On Black’; its music video is a bold, musical and artistic statement which leaves you with in doubts to the vision of this duo.

Posted on May 06, 2020