Recondite is an artist who operates in his own rather closed-off world, but you are more than welcome to join him. For the last decade, he has honed a signature sound that is a pure and unapologetic expression of self. His undulating sounds, idiosyncratic use of acid and always soothing atmospheres offer a place to get lost, reflect and revive yourself. Everything he makes in the studio or plays live is meticulously well designed and carefully thought out, but always comes with a lived-in feel and pastoral charm.

This is a result of growing up in Lower Bavaria, a region of enchanting forests and insular communities. It is there that he first holed up to make music with no agenda more than 10 years ago. Despite being a latecomer, the self-taught producer soon found his own sound and took it to Berlin on a whim. A chance meeting with Scuba gave him an intro to the local scene and he has never looked back since, going on to play every major club and festival in the world and releasing six albums on esteemed labels like Innervisions, Ghostly, Absurd Recordings/Acid Test and his own Plangent Records.

The label is now ten years old but in true Recondite style, there was no fanfare. There has never been a grand plan or packed out schedule, it is just an outlet for music he believes in, whenever that may come along.

This low-key approach defines Recondite as a person and an artist. His music is filled with different moods, but they are subtle undulations that require - and reward - close attention. What helps to make his music so personal is found sounds. From trains to twigs to feet on a basketball court, they ground his music in the real world and make it that bit more poignant. As a hugely self-analytical figure, music is where Recondite takes full control and expresses himself in the most honest way. That is the same with his enchanting live sets, which are never planned but instead react to the crowd and move them emotionally whether going deep and sombre or more expansive and raw. To remain so recognisable despite such a nuanced sound speaks of Recondite's quiet but impactful artistry.

From the outside, Recondite's music is heady and serious, but listen closely to his oeuvre and you'll find moments of celebration, hope and happiness. But of course, he can never escape his own signature sound and the underlying consistency which ties it all together. That is something most artists strive towards for a whole career, but Recondite has been Recondite since day one.