Established in Milan in 2019, 19:26 is an innovative Italian electronic music project that combines ambient and neoclassical elements within the melodic techno genre.

Having earned recognition worldwide, 19:26 has left a significant mark with releases on prominent labels such as Afterlife, Siamese, Zamna Records, and others of similar influence.

Receiving support from renowned industry names including Tale Of Us, Tiesto, Camelphat, Adriatique, Mathame, Mind Against, Innellea, and more, highlights 19:26's impact on the music scene.

Dedicated to evolving, collaborating, and innovating, 19:26 continues to explore creative avenues, ensuring a dynamic artistic journey. As a sought-after DJ globally, 19:26 consistently delivers standout performances at major festivals and intimate clubs, showcasing versatility and pushing the boundaries of its unique sound.